Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Little Free Libraries, Progress Continues (4).

Back Indoors, Paintbrush in Hand.

The library roofs are now trimmed in western cedar.

Next, it's time for some juggling.

On the one hand I need to sort out hinges, door pulls, cupboard-door-style magnets, and the support poles and platforms. On the other hand I need to spend time indoors with red paint and a brush. 

A solid stand equals a solid installation in 2 - 3 weeks.

Never a dull moment inside or outside The Workshop.

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Little Free Libraries, Progress Continues (3).

Time for Paint and Lotsa Trim.

It's time to bring part of the job - related to three little libraries - indoors.

The three doors are ready for paint, as are several other items, e.g., signage and rain guard.

After I checked that each door fit to a 'T', I started adding the first round of trim to two roofs. Thick cedar roofs with bold cedar trim.... look AOK.

 Each door sits straight and true.

 Trim now covers the roof ridge, and front and back edges.

 Cedar trim lines each roof.

Two coats of red paint, coming up!

More to follow....

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Little Free Libraries, Progress Continues (3).

Thick Cedar Roofs.

Library Number 3 is underway as well.

A South London client will receive a 'little free library' soon after the order (for two) for a North London park is completed. I recently decided, since the saws and sanders were already set up and running smoothly, to work on the third at the same time.

And I should run out of room to move in the workshop by next Tuesday!! : )

Cedar roof panels are one inch thick, and after careful measurements and saw cuts (for the overlapping process), are ready for glue and nails.

Once the third roof is attached securely into place, I'll work on three doors.

Stay tuned.

Please link to Little Free Libraries, Well Underway (2).

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Monday, March 6, 2017

Little Free Libraries, Well Underway (2).

Good Progress - Solid Cedar Roofs.

The tall and the short of it!

The two cedar roofs are very solid - made from 1-inch thick deck boards - and each roof slat overlaps its neighbour to prevent leakage. Measuring and cutting 'the overlaps' is a slow process but very much worth the effort if each piece eventually slides into place beside its neighbour without complaint. (And, there were no complaints over the weekend inside the workshop).

 The short boy is up front, the tall boy is behind it, ready to go

 Now, side by each, the difference in height can be seen clearly

Each roof slat overlaps with the next. Rain, go away!

This week I will continue work on front doors, trim, signage and a few other details.

Stay tuned.

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Friday, March 3, 2017

Little Free Libraries, Well Underway.

Getting Ready For a Rewarding Spring.

One Library ready for delivery, Another is underway.

Morse Code in the snow outside the workshop.
"Spring is coming soon, so get busy, Gord" 

Good thing I have a dependable heater inside the shop. The last few days have been kinda chilly and I hate using the table saw and sander when my hands are cold.

I find it is very difficult to change a saw blade in winter. Nuts, bolts, wrenches and blades are very cold to the touch and it's almost impossible to replace one blade with another. And when I sand lumber with cold fingers I cannot feel when my fingertips are skimming over the sandpaper (and losing skin) - until I wash my hands for supper! Eeeyouch!! 

That being said, during a warm spell I got a head start on a lengthy spring "to-do list" and good progress is being made on 'little community library' projects.

Two new libraries for a London park are on the move. 

 I keep to a strict script. The weather does not!

Just wait 'til you see the sturdy cedar roof and solid front door.

With a half-dozen birdhouses in the batter's box, and in spite of the snow, I'll soon be cutting strips of white pine for a front door and a stack of cedar for trim.

More to follow.

Please link to Upcoming Projects: Libraries and a Shadow Box.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Upcoming Projects: Libraries and a Shadow Box.

A Busy Spring Already, and It's Not Even Spring.

One library(left) is ready to go. Stock for another sits under a birdhouse.

Old Londontown has been under a warm spell recently, warmer than I like in mid - late February. That being said, I'm taking advantage of the mild jolt and getting stuff done inside the workshop. Not that I'm open for business, but I'm busy already.

One library, high and dry inside the shop, is set for delivery, while three more are under way.

Stock for two more libraries is ready to sand, then assemble.

Birdhouse plans are getting dusted off and a new shadow box idea is percolating. I'll start with a shadow box ASAP - to show off the faded piece of T-shirt below - in order to inspire my upcoming season of walking and jogging.

"POLSKA 1956" commemorates achievements of the Polish Wunderteam.

I wore the T-shirt for many years, until the material started to develop holes here and there. Though there are still a lot of holes in my fun and fitness routine, I feel my comeback is well underway.

More to follow from The Workshop.

Please link to Artsy Fartsy Bicycle Gear 1: Shifting to Creative Touch

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Workshop in Review, 2016 (6).

If a North Wind is Blowin'.

Curved roofs are very fussy work.

I have good neighbours. No complaints so far about the noisy table or chop saw I set up outside the workshop on a warm, sunny day. No complaints from neighbours to the south of me about pine or cedar dust floating in the air.... because, if a north wind is blowin', they're going to be the first to know.

I don't do many birdhouses with curved roofs because they are very time consuming. Most roof slats have to be passed through the saw at least twice to get the angles right. However, once the job is done, I do like how they look. And since I have none left on basement shelves, others must like them too.

Other birdhouses have straight roofs but just as many fussy bits. Fortunately, I have room to spread things out.

After I build a few fussy models I relax for ten minutes, then start a few easy ones! : )

A squirrel box is a Big Easy. They take up a lot of space, but only for a short while. 

The inside is divided into two levels. A side door opens for viewing.

Even before the squirrel box was delivered, I was busy with several basic red and western cedar models. Dust was a flyin' and blowin' south.

A major repair followed to the London Majors' birdhouse - a four-plex that took a beating - late one dark and stormy night.

 Roof damaged; logs are coming apart; chimney and flag missing.

 Even the osprey got a wee touch-up!

Hmmmm.... something's missin'

The chimney! Ready for another London Majors baseball season

More Photos From Along the Way:

 Don't throw out yer wooden spoons!

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