Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bathouses Come in Pairs

From White Pine Barnboard

Two bathouses can be built in 2 - 3 hours or less

I can produce two good-sized bathouses from one pine board (barnboard - 1" x 12" x 8ft.), usually in one easy working afternoon. I supply the plans below so that interested viewers who own a table saw and chop saw can give them a try.

Bats are indeed making a comeback in Wortley Village

Some builders add a piece of window screen to the inside to help bats climb into the cavity, but I cut grooves at 3/4 inch intervals (with table saw) on the inside before assembling all the pieces. I suspect wee bats can clamber into the cavity without this assistance but it does provide another talking point when someone shows interest.

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White Pine is for Painting 6

Last Steps on the Last Ones

This pair needs another thirty minute's worth of attention

Three of the white pine painted models ended up on sturdy metal poles and cedar stands, but the last two need just a few more items before they too are finished. The first coat of paint is already drying on roof ridges and roof edge trim, so these two should be completely ready for final photos late this PM or early tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

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Monday, August 22, 2016

The Production Line - Cedar Birdhouse Models 11

Voila! Fini! (Now What?!)

Solid red cedar model with a shiny, sturdy perch

Though the cedar birdhouse production line was slowed on occasion - by painted models, cedar stands, Rietveld chairs, hockey, motorcycling, hop vines, lawn care, and a bunch of other stuff - the last three came off the line the other day, shiny brass perches included. I would have revealed these photos sooner but I went to Port Bruce with Pat, got caught up counting seagulls near the channel, and motorcycled to Port Burwell yesterday so I could feel t fresh breeze blow through what's left of my hair.

Yeh, life happens.... oft-times outside the workshop. Who knew?

The sides are 1/2" thick, attached to the sides of the face

Because I now attach the sides (cedar slats) in such a way that they are visible from the front and back (i.e., onto the sides of the face and back end), the base is larger - 5 by 6 - and provides more square footage for the interior nesting space. I say, smooth move, Einstein.

Another project, related to JR-style birdhouses, soon to follow.

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Production Line - Cedar Birdhouse Models 10

Slippery Drawer Pulls as Perches?

I buy perches by the dozen at Habitat for Humanity

Some birds will use a drawer pull as their perch, others will just grip the edge of the entry hole. I wonder if the birds that ignore the perch find a drawer pull - perfect for the human hand - too slippery to sit upon?

This set of three, red cedar houses will soon be joined - in a basement storage area - by the final set of cedar models with different drawer pulls as perches. The long production line is finally coming to an end.... for the time being.

 Red cedar fence slats and deck boards make a solid house

Why does the workshop smell so good? Lovely cedar slats

Some other project will surely follow.

: )

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Friday, August 19, 2016

The Production Line - Cedar Birdhouse Models 9


Premium western cedar slat birdhouses, among my favourites

Once I'd walked three white pine painted models (on stands and metal poles) to my storage area, I had room to spread out a bit inside the workshop. And I was finally able to finish off three western cedar models that had been waiting for attention for quite some time.

I added trim and perches, took a few pictures and walked them into storage as well. A good day's work, I say.

 I won't paint premium cedar roof slats

 This one comes with a free spatula!

 Free fork!

One roof slat can be removed to provide access for spring cleaning.
(Note the two screws on closest roof slat. )

Did I mention the free wooden spoon?

FYI - the body of the birdhouse is made up of eight cedar slats, each 6" wide, 2.5 inches tall and 0.5 inches thick. The 8 slats adhere to 4 corner posts (or a wooden skeleton) inside the body. The base is about 5" x 6" (30 sq. in. interior is a good size) and roof slats (8.5 x 2.75 x 0.5) are attached to 2 cedar triangles that are themselves affixed to the body. Not as complicated as it sounds.

FYI - Don't throw out yer wooden utensils. Call me : )

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Birdhouse Trim, Perches and Stands 6

The Big Show Off

Paint is dry, spoons are secure

Second coats are dry. Three birdhouse stands with metal poles stand at the ready. It's time to assemble completed models for the big reveal, for the "take 'em outside and show them off" part of the process.

 "About face!"

Looks like they are floating in air. At no extra charge : )

Besides being able to get them to 'float in air', it feels good to have something new all ready to go for my next birdhouse sale at GOTG2 (i.e., Gathering On The Green Part 2 - Sunday, August 28).

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Birdhouse Trim, Perches and Stands 5

Almost All Ready

Barely fits inside the workshop (approx. 7.5-ft. ceilings)

The white paint painted up nicely and the trim and perches are all set to be attached to five models. Three will be placed upon metal poles placed into sturdy cedar/pine stands. Two are completely ready already.

 Don't throw out yer wooden spoons. Call me.

 Let's see how this one looks outside in its future, natural environment

Much better!

"The Big Shoe" with all three stands coming up next!

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