Sunday, May 17, 2015

Taller Barnboard BH 3

Full-On Trim Day

 "Trim stretches out for miles : ) "

The process of cutting, sanding and arranging 'full-on trim' for five birdhouses is a fussy job. Patience, and sandpaper, come in very handy.

"When I say full on, I mean full on!

"Looks good on a smoke stack, but something is missing"

"Last steps - add a perch and then grab a broom for sweep up"

All five were finished well before suppertime Friday. And the following afternoon, almost before the dust settled, one was donated to a local charitable event. So, I have four left to help me cover the bills (e.g., new lumber) - and buy me a bit of gas for the motorcycle : ) .

Will the sun come out for a Sunday spin?

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Taller Barnboard BH 2

Stack 'Em Up Quick

 "Ten easy pieces, incl. 4 roof slats, sort themselves out quickly"

A basic barnboard birdhouse doesn't take too long to measure, cut, sand and assemble. I finished five of these sturdy models over the last two days at a relaxed pace.

'Three wood screws secures the base in place"

"An inch taller, 1/4 inch deeper - the birds will notice the diff"

"Stack 'em up quick, then sweep the floor for Happy Hour"

The rustic colour stands tall in my book - I won't add a drop of paint to these.

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Friday, May 15, 2015

B & W Taller Barnboard

Taller by One Inch

I made this set of birdhouses about an inch taller than the last set of barnboard models.

I notice the difference. The birds will too. (They'll let me know on Twitter.)

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Taller Barnboard BH 1

From Large to Small, But Taller

 "The large library overwhelms two pine birdhouses"

I have been working on a few large projects lately: Two 'little free libraries', a mailbox plus stand, a custom four-plex birdhouse (BH). That being said, due to the need to now paint the above items, a bit of space has opened up inside the workshop. So, what to do?

"Easy does it"

How about a few more basic barnboard BHs, but with a bit more height than the last batch? Perfect, I say. I have the 'gray-on-both-sides' barnboard on hand and I have room to operate.

"No paint needed on these basic models"

Five BHs, and inch or so taller than the last batch, are now underway. Because the pine projects are so easy to cut, sand and assemble the work feels like a refreshing change of pace.

Link to Basic Barnboard BH 4 (an inch shorter)

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

B & W Custom Project

Four-Plex Music Hall

An acquaintance arranges for young musicians to play in her large garage and wants a birdhouse to match and stand outside it. So, I've been busy this week. I'd say I'm about one-third of the way there.

More to follow.

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Custom Birdhouse 5

Premium Primer

The roof is ready (gray barnboard slats w overlapping edges) but I guess I'd better do a lot of paint work first.

So, it's time to look at a colour chart and figure out what paint will match garage doors and brickwork on the garage/music hall I am attempting to copy.

Lots of work still to be done!

Link to Custom Birdhouse 4

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Mailbox 2

Drawing Near the Finish Line

"Support platform and ground anchor for 1 and 1/4 inch pole" 

The posts relating to my current mailbox project do not reveal the entire building process because I started this website after three were completed. Current posts follow the repaint process associated with the last one built.

"A third coat of red paint may be in order" 

At this point, the platform and support collar require two coats of paint and the sturdy metal pole needs a second coat only. Easy kap-easy.

I am hoping to install the finished project by Friday or Saturday... if weather co-operates.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Custom Birdhouse 4

Partitions in Place

 "Two partitions are in place for main- and top-floor units"

I can now add primer to the base (new pine barnboard, approx. 21 inches square) and the body (rescued white pine, from an old church pew) of the four-plex birdhouse (BH). I will check photos of the garage that the BH resembles and start thinking about final coats of paint. This should continue to be an interesting project, in my opinion.

"Perches for the four entry holes will be added later"

Once the paint, roof and trim is added this custom four-plex will look pretty substantial.

More to follow.

Link to Custom BH 3

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Mailbox 1

Still a Hodge Podge

 "Once I add a second coat of red to certain items, reassembly can proceed"

Though I am juggling three or four projects at the same time inside the workshop I am not totally confused. The mailbox is moving along, three antique store birdhouses are near the finish line and other items on the assembly line are getting some attention. Why, by the end of the week my work bench should be completely tidy - even ready for more.

"These signs are 15 minutes away from crossing the finish line"

Link to Wee Side Job 2

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Custom Birdhouse 3

First-Rate Accommodation

What stated as a wee sketch is now a large birdhouse (18" long x 18' wide x 12" high). Today I will drill two holes through the front face and add first- and second-floor partitions to create first-rate living space for four families of birds. I will likely have time to secure the base and add four roof slats. Maybe even a bit of trim.

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Custom Birdhouse 2

Four-Plex in Progress

 "Grey barnboard roof will look pretty classy"

After I finished cutting four roof slats (2 per side: shiplap style prevents leaks) I thought it was time to sand the first pile of lumber and then assemble the birdhouse up to a certain point.

"How will the four-plex stack up next to a little free library?"

"It's huge! Next tasks - two partitions, paint job, roof"

Before I add the roof I must had partitions to the first and second floor, thereby creating designated space for four families of local songbirds. Lots of room for each family - over 110 square inches per unit.

Note to self - air vents required

More to follow.

Link to Custom BH on the Way 1

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Little Library 7

Have Trim Will Travel

I have two very similar projects underway related to little free community libraries. Both are made from sturdy gray barnboard and delightful cedar, stand quite tall, and when loaded with used books (to share) they will weigh about a million pounds each.

One of their differences is as follows: I will paint all the trim on one, and very young children (and their caregivers) will paint trim on the second.

Comment - I am really looking forward to see what the wee ones come up with when all said and done!

"Trim is bundled, ready to go"

Link to Little Library 6

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Custom BH on the Way 1

Garage Band and Birdhouse

A neighbourhood acquaintance invites local, oft-times new, musicians to play in her backyard garage. I've heard good things about the music and like the idea that local charities benefit at the same time. She now would like a large birdhouse, resembling the garage, to sit upon the concrete plinth (photo foreground).

So, I've started off with a wee sketch and have collected a few necessary materials.

Much more to follow.

Link to Barnboard BH w Twist 1

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Wee Side Job 2

Hodge Podge

I have cluttered basement shelves, a cluttered 'paint table' and a cluttered mind. But by next Tuesday much will be resolved!

 "Oh, I see some empty spaces!"

 "Three more 'Antique Stores' will be ready soon"

"Wee side job - the last mailbox needs a new colour scheme"

Okay, maybe by Wednesday, when a wee side job is finished. Friday at the latest.

Link to Wee Side Job 1

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Little Library 6

So the Trim Begins

Lots of trim on a water-tight roof

I have prepared a lot of trim for two 'little libraries' and will enjoy the process of attaching half of it this week. The other half will be delivered to the customer so wee children (under the age of five) can participate in the prep process by applying various colours of paint here, there and everywhere. How it will look when it returns I cannot say.

The body is new barnboard; the roof is rescued cedar

Nice contrast? I think so

I will take care of all the paint work on this model, and slowly but surely, everything should come together over the next week or so.

Busy times are ahead in the workshop.

link to Little Library Project 5

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Antique Store BH 5

Have Signs, Will Travel

Now that the sign is attached over the door - and the Cola machine is filled w cold coke - I can welcome visitors and show them around this 'antique store' birdhouse. And speaking of visitors, if the Mother's Day Sale adverts are correct (re this morning's sale at Wortley P.S.), I may get to show over a 1,000 people the ins and outs of this model.

Today is a dress-up day (I can't wear PJs to the sale), so, after a couple of cups of coffee, I'll put on some 'Saturday-go-to-meetin'-clothes' and head out the door w a car load of fancy-schmancy BHs.

You have a good day now.

Link to Antique Store BH 4

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