Friday, September 30, 2016

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"I'm Feelin' Blue Because"

If you hear me singin', join in why don't ya

Sing along with me....

     .... Dynamic Blue paint is running thin.
     I will need to buy more in the spring.
     Can you spare me a fiver, maybe a ten?
     If you do I promise I won't ask you again.

So far, no takers.

However, "Oh, I Ain't Complainin'", a follow up song to "I'm Feelin' Blue Because" - wholly penned inside the workshop - sounds pretty good, I must say. Good acoustics out there.

Good grief. My beer mug is not only empty but has been used for brush clean-up.

Feelin' blue again.     : )

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Harrison Specials - Trending 5

The Workshop is in the Red

Stack 'em up. Pack 'em up for Saturday's sale

"In the red" is bad news to the professional businessperson. To a hobbyist like me, it means I've opened my favourite can of paint.

 No back door on the birdhouses, only a side window

What's special about a Harrison Special? It comes with a free birdhouse. 
Cheep Cheep Cheep!!

Coming up next.... three Specials done with my second favourite colour.

Oh, I'm feelin' blue already.

: )

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Harrison Specials - Trending 4

Western Cedar Shakes Rock

Have Shakes, Will Travel

So, a fella named Larry was cleaning out his garage, offered me a few cedar shakes and I said, "Sure." I felt I could use them, and recently I noticed they would make great roofs for the side apartment on a Harrison Special.

Great shakes, I say.

Shakes are solid and colourful. I wish I had more.

Trim is on its way! Stay tuned.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Harrison Specials - Trending 3

Home From PEI, Now Back to Work

Can you beat a solid gold PEI souvenir bottle opener from Florida?

My last post from The Workshop is dated September 9, two and a half weeks ago. Where was I in the interim? Check out my souvenirs in above photo.... authentic PEI yard sale purchases, aka Island Swag.

Yesterday, after sanding stock for three Harrison Specials by hand (Mastercraft sander needs a new drive belt and it's on it's way, I've been told.... from China!) I assembled houses with red roofs and then lined up more unpainted roof slats on my bench for today's assignment, i.e., to paint the next batch of slats a dynamic blue.

Red cedar houses with red roofs.... coming up 

 Cedar shake roofs for side apartment will be added today

 First coats of paint (Dynamic Blue) should be finished by end of day

More hand sanding before I can attach houses to blue bases. Old Skool!

My next sale is Saturday and though I have ample finished birdhouses at the ready, I want at least three Harrison Specials ready for the day as well.

Busy times. (That being said, check out the Swag!) : )

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Friday, September 9, 2016

Harrison Specials - Trending 2

Two (of Eight) Ready to Crate

I added a sturdy perch and a free birdhouse. Voila. Fini!

Without the side apartment this birdhouse would be considered on the small size.

However, since the side apt. adds about 17 more square inches of floor space for the growing family - for low cost if I use rescued lumber - I can honestly say that the Harrison Special is medium-sized for small-sized birds, e.g., wrens, chickadees, finches, sparrows, etc.

With the added room there is space for a larger TV!

Six painted specials will follow.

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Harrison Specials - Trending 1

Eight in a Crate

The special model has a side apartment for added floor space

The other day, after looking at wood supplies on hand (cluttering my limited workshop space), I asked myself, "Self, is it time for a few Harrison Specials?"

Affirmative. I soon had a pile of assorted pieces of red cedar (for faces and sides) and white pine (for bases and roof slats) cut and ready for sanding. Shortly thereafter I sorted out two models for immediate assembly (no painting required) and six for red and blue bases and roof tops. Easy kap-easy, as I like to say.

 Bases, to the right of red cedar stock, are approx. 10" x 9"

 Roof slats, four per main apartment, are lined up like ducks in a row

 Red cedar side apt., here with cedar shake roof, adds 15 sq. inch space

Add trim and a perch and we shall be ready to go

The first two are now "trimmed up pretty" and ready for a crate labelled 'Voila, Fini!' The other six will follow shortly.

Stay tuned.

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