Saturday, September 23, 2017

DIYs (1).

White Pine and Cedar.

[Photo: White pine DIYs: Pat's very good idea]

A few years ago my lovely wife suggested I make do-it-yourself kits for Father's Day. I heard what she said - it sounded like a great idea - but I had my hands full at the time, so I didn't act on the idea.

This year, though no photos from the workshop related to DIYs have appeared (again, my hands were full), I have added birdhouse kits to my list of things to do and have produced and bagged dozens so far, from white pine and red cedar. And more are needed, so I will show a few pics on this space now.

From along the way:

 A table full of white pine houses, similar to DIYs, early days.

 Once painted, the DIY could look like the above (all trim not included).

 The red cedar DIY model looks similar to this type of house.

 Preparing instruction sheets was a difficult task!

Anyway.... you get the idea : )

More to follow, including info about the best type of plastic bag to use!

: )

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Little Libraries in Progress (5).

Sign of the Times.

[Photo: Ready for doors, lined up like ducks in a row]

Doors, door handles, hinges, latches, paint tins, and various types of signs could be found on every work surface for a few days this past week. No spills, no misspellings will be reported here. : )

Soon I will be saying, "Bon Voyage!"

Progress Report:

1. Looking good.

2. Final day - today.

3. Phone calls re delivery - Monday.

Please link to Little Libraries in Progress (4).

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Old Cedar Mantelpiece (3).

Final Rubdown.

[Photo: I had a great morning for the final rub]

The lumber, destined four years ago to be dumped at a landfill site, is amazing to work on inside my small workshop. The cedar smells great, cuts and sands easily, and looks like a charm on any number of projects, from birdhouses to mantelpieces.

Two coats of Danish oil and three rubdowns later, a classic mantel is ready for delivery:

Photos GH

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Little Libraries in Progress (4).

Doors, Trim and Signage.

[Photo: Ready for the doors, please.]

A shelf sits securely inside the wee library, along with items that require a few words of encouragement, e.g., "Look Inside, Trade Books, Take a Book Home, Leave a Book Here Too."

The doors (see first photo below) have been trimmed - just a tad - in order to fit very nicely, and will be in place today or tomorrow, depending on how quickly the fresh paint dries.

Each library requires a brightly painted sign over the door, and first coats are drying as we speak. See second photo below.

Posts and platforms stand at the ready, so only a few last tasks remain.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Little Libraries in Progress (3).

Lots of Details.

[Photo: Cedar roof neatly trimmed with... more cedar]

Three doors have been painted, assembled with plexiglass and wait for last minute adjustments.

E.g., one needs 1/8th-inch trimmed from the side and all nail holes need to be covered w wood filler, then painted.

So, today will be a day of finishing off a long and easy list of wee details.

Photos from along the way:

 Three door frames before assembly

Doors are almost ready for hinges and placement

 Three shelves, trim and the yellow signage for doors - partially painted

 The shelf supports are neatly nailed into place.

 Signage gets a last coat, before becoming a sign! E.g., "Look Inside"

Nice fit. Hinges, door pulls and latches - coming right up.

Looking good, so far.

I think three libraries will be ready for delivery within 7 - 10 days, if not earlier.

Photos GH

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Little Libraries in Progress (2).

Three Doors in a Row.

[Photo: Western cedar trim finishes off the roof.]

Now that three assembled libraries stand tall on work tables, I will finish adding roof trim and make a start assembling three doors.

Roof trim required here:

 3/4-inch cedar siding makes a sturdy roof.

Strips of cedar trim will hide butt ends.

Some signage and support platforms are already painted:

Three doors require a few day's work, i.e., cutting, sanding, painting, adding plexiglass and hardware:

 Three doors will resemble this finished sample

 Drip edges are in place, and door hardware is available

Once doors, signage and interior shelves are completed, I'll be much closer to a delivery day:

September 3: A successful delivery day in Oxford Park.
G. Harrison, Yvonne Tyml and a very friendly pooch.
Photo by E. Kobes. Used with permission.

More to follow.

Photos GH

Old Cedar Mantelpiece (2).

The Dust Mask.

[Photo: Clamps came off and the edging stayed in place. Gorilla Glue!]

Yesterday's big job, after removing three clamps from the cedar mantelpiece, was mixing a bit of wood filler that would closely match the lumber I used for the project. With the three colours of filler I keep on hand, I think I got pretty close.

One can see just a bit of filler, but after today's sanding, likely not. 

Today I don my ancient dust mask (I will look like a creature from The Fly) and do some sanding. Hopefully there will a light breeze heading toward Wortley Village. [ It pays to advertise : ) ] 

After sanding I will apply various finishes to a sample board.

What finish will win the day?

We'll find out after the dust flies.

Photos GH

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Little Libraries in Progress (1).

"Steady as She Goes" in September.

[Photo: Ready for delivery - to Upper Avenue, London]

Neighbours know I'm busy in my outback lumberyard and workshop. The smell of paint is in the air. Saws and sander make a steady whine. Dust flies.

Things will settle down near the end of September, so I've said.

One "wee library" recently made its way to Upper Avenue, on north side of Riverside Drive. Thanks to very positive community spirit, support and enthusiasm  (spearheaded by Evelynne Kobes and Oxford Park Community Association), I think it was filled with books and in full operation before I returned home!

"Yup, I think I'll dig down two more inches"
Photo by E. Kobes. Used w permission.

Really. "In full operation before I returned home!"
Photo by E. Kobes. Used w permission.

Two days later another little library, after extensive repairs to damage, made its way to a new location onto private property in Whitehills. But not before the largest rock in the universe, that securely blocked the digging operation, was removed*. One broken shovel (mine) and one bent shovel (R. Driscoll's) later, however, the library was very, very firmly planted - in the hardest clay ever invented.

 The hole is dug, refilled and patted down. The library stands firm.

 My Left Foot and The Rock.

In full operation, The Rock and all. Photo by R. Driscoll

[*All credit for removing the rock goes to homeowner R. Driscoll! I supervised : ) ]

Three more libraries are now in progress and I would say, time-wise, they are all just past the half-way point. One needs a roof, all three need doors and inside shelves - and a bit more.

Early Stages:

 Stock for one little library, minus the cedar roof slats

 Stock for two little libraries. Room for one more : )

Three platforms and post collars are underway as well.

Roofs and more are assembled and added to the mix:

 One-inch thick cedar slats make a sturdy roof.

 Roof slats are overlapped to provide a tight seal.

 The table is fully loaded with stock. Assembly time is coming up.

 Lots of glue, fasteners and silicone are used for a tight fit.

 Some classic western cedar roof trim is added

Western cedar trim, front and back, dresses up the little library

Turn left here! : )

More to follow.

Please link to One Down, Four to Go.

Photos by GH unless attributed otherwise.