Wednesday, May 31, 2017

First Batch of JRs, 2017.


Stylish birdhouses, inspired by J.R. Davidson houses (from the 1940s), sit like ducks in a row (beautiful ducks in a row) on my backyard fence rail. They sit as three pairs; with red roofs, varnished roofs, black roofs. And, at the moment, without their perches.

That being said, the man in charge of perches has been called and I've heard "he is on his way."

"They sit as three pairs":

"Beautiful ducks in a row":

"Without their perches":

Perches, then varnish, then "Fini".

"Will the workman in charge of perches please report to The Workshop. Thank you."

More to follow.

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First Batches of the Birdhouse Season (11).

Nearing the End of the Long Trail.

Fifty-six birdhouses, many needing paint and trim, are moving along the assembly line in the workshop. And according to the manager, a lot of the work is in its final stages. (But, what does he know?)

When pieces are nailed together, then painted, one of the shop's under-paid employees fills in nail holes with putty and sends it back to the paint shop for a wee dab here, a wee dab there.

The whites spots are putty. "Hey, paint shop. Come here!"

The painter will dress up the roof on the wee birdhouse on the bench, too. 

J.R. Models sit like ducks in a row. Only a perch is needed now.

The man in charge of perches - usually the last addition to a birdhouse - is often busy right up to the last minute. 

He has already been paged. I hear "he is on his way."

More to follow.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

First Batches of the Birdhouse Season (10).

Colourful Daze.

I'm sure getting my exercise. 

I walk indoors with birdhouses needed a bit of paint. I walk back outdoors with other birdhouses that need a bit of trim nailed into place. Repeat the process. Repeat. 

 Sturdy GH model (red cedar) with varnished plywood roof.

Hmmmm. I might make bigger versions of this wee schoolhouse!

All this walking back and forth is paying off.

: )

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Sunday, May 28, 2017

First Batches of the Birdhouse Season (9).

From Shop to Shelf.... On Schedule!!

Slowly but surely, I am moving finished birdhouses onto shelves in my storage area (aka basement) one week ahead of Gathering on the Green. Why, when I pack my car on Friday night I'll have lots to choose from and all the red paint and varnish will be thoroughly dry.

Red cedar birdhouse with varnished pine roof:

Red cedar 'GH Model' (my version of a JR Model) with painted pine roof:

GH Model with varnished birch plywood roof, trimmed out w western cedar:

Feels good to turn around in the shop without knocking a pile of stock onto the floor. And I can see the workbench!

More finished models to follow.

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Friday, May 26, 2017

First Batches of the Birdhouse Season (8).

Fresh Off the Assembly Line.

Red cedar house with varnished pine roof, sporting classy trim.

Finally, I can say I am adding finished birdhouses to my basement shelves in preparation for Gathering on the Green, June 3.

With one week to go, I should be able to add final touches to at least another dozen models and have a full load to truck over to The Green next Saturday morning. Already I am excited.

 This cedar house comes with a free birdhouse. Classy move!

 Last bits about to be added.... a cat prowling the roof!

The last of my gray barn board classics.

This is me.... excited!!

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

First Batches of the Birdhouse Season (7).

A Few at a Time.

I believe that slow and steady progress wins the day when it comes to birdhouse building, and other aspects of life.... like my running program (insert laugh track here).

So, to see five of eighteen cedar birdhouses ready for 'finishing touches' gives me some pleasure. Once the chimney is painted and a few other wee details are completed I can move forward with the next batch.

 A chimney cap and "free birdhouse" sit on a finished bench.
Five minutes of work = fini.

Above: Birch plywood roof on a GH model, trimmed with western cedar, requires a 2nd coat of varnish. Perch plus added trim, coming up next.

Above: 2nd coat of varnish needed on a J.R. Davidson model, then I'll add a cedar support stick to the back.

Working at a nice steady pace, I should have a good supply of new birdhouses finished on time - for Gathering on the Green, June 3.

More to follow....

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Monday, May 22, 2017

First Batches of the Birdhouse Season (6).

Wanted: Good Lookin' Trim.

The GH models above will move farther along this week. Roofs are ready to be cut, sanded, painted and varnished. Then I will cut some trim from the same red cedar as in the boxes. Good lookin' trim is the cat's meow.

I have four fences ready for four painted white pine houses (above) but a bit more trim is needed, perhaps a fancy-schmancy drawer handle for a perch.

Upcoming Project:

Finally, thanks to a gift of free lumber, I am now thinking about building 2 - 3 Rietveld chairs with matching table, from white pine and red cedar. The one below is from a set of four chairs constructed last year for a London friend and neighbour. But, I'll wait until the 50-plus birdhouses scattered around the workshop and paint studio (i.e., my basement) are finished.

: )

Schtay tuned.

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

First Batches of the Birdhouse Season (5).

Progress Continues on Schedule.

Pine birdhouses need a bit more trim.

With my "Gathering on the Green" sale approaching on June 3 and two clients also on the to-do-list, the shop and paint station have been mighty busy.

 J.R. Davidson models, each made from 12 pieces of premium cedar

GH models are made from 4 pieces of cedar.

Cedar boxes are varnished and now need roofs and perches. By Wednesday I will likely be focussed on another batch.

Stay tuned.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

First Batches of the Birdhouse Season (4).

Paint, More Paint and J.R. Davidson

2 of 11 pine birdhouses are in the paint studio (aka basement).

Eleven pine birdhouses need a second coat, then I can start first coats on trim for 18 cedar models, seen lined up like ducks in a row in the background, top photograph.

Over the years I have studied a few birdhouses made by others (admittedly, I steal a few ideas here and there). J.R. Davidson models - also known as JRs - originally made of teak, aluminum plating (roof) and chromium screws, caught my eye 5 or 6 years ago (please link to Modern Birdhouses) and I now make my own version from premium cedar, with a fir plywood roof and brass screws.

GHs in progress:

 Each GH is made from 12 blocks of premium cedar. Marine varnish next.

 Another 'quicker' version of the GH, made from 4 cedar slats

I cut horizontal grooves in each slat, to look like 12 blocks and trim.

Painted plywood roofs are next.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

First Batches of the Birdhouse Season (3).

How Many Batches? I'm Losing Count!

18 cedar houses, with trim, are now ready for paint.

Something happened while working on my first batch of 18 cedar birdhouses for the season. I turned around, spotted some useful pine lumber and started another batch (11). Then I turned around again and started another batch (9) and then another (12), and then another (6). That's 56, neatly stacked.

And there may be more batches around here somewhere, but - as I discovered in the past - once the saws are set up and shelf space is available, I just keep on going.

Progress is Positive:

 11 white pine models are ready for paint on roof tops.

 9 more white pine models need to be sanded.

 12 J.R. models, made of premium cedar, are ready for assembly.

6 more red cedar boxes need roofs and assembly time.

More to follow, I'm certain.

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